Getting Personal

Getting Personal Photo 1Fitness, Giving Back, & Traveling are the three things that mean the most to Darcy beside family, friends, and of course her career. As a child, she grew up being taught that fitness is not only a necessity for the body but for the mind as well. Learning that some family traits can be controlled with diet and exercise, but yet she still struggled with her own weight issues. Even with the countless hours of training in martial arts or other athletic activities, Darcy’s self-esteem was highly affected with her continuous yo-yoing weight. “When one’s confidence is crushed, sometimes it’s hard to regain your sparkle back.” Since she felt this firsthand, she made it important to share her experience with others. “I know we are not perfect but finding balance is key to feeling beautiful inside and out.” After many years of listening to her client’s most intimate thoughts of themselves, she realized that we are not alone on this matter. For the younger girls and being an Image Stylist, she wanted to be a better role model and help build/rebuild their confidence. “As an adult that should be setting better examples, yet we tend to slack on what’s important like exercising. It’s never too late to start over again when doing something healthy for yourself.”

Getting Personal Photo 3

Giving back to the community was another important piece in Darcy’s upbringing. It all started for the families in need during holiday time, which she felt was truly rewarding. When tragedy struck the homes of family and friends with illness, Darcy’s outlook changed. She saw what the families went through and how helping others can raise spirits. “Not only should we be living each day to the fullest but also be giving to the fullest.” To this day that is what she lives by. She’s involved in more charity and athletic charity events than ever. “I never want to look back in life with regret and wish I did more.”

Getting Personal Photo 2Trying to live life to the fullest, Darcy puts traveling on top of the list as well. She believes that being well rounded and cultured is something that cannot be taught in schools. “Finding a way to see the world and living it is highly suggested.” Darcy has been blessed over the years for the opportunities to travel to amazing destinations around the world. “My favorite has been the destination athletic charity events. Those have been the most rewarding to my heart.” She’s hoping to fulfill her list by participating in different mission trips globally one day.